An evening with the Grazian Family

What an honor it was to spend an evening with this incredible family on their lush, green property on your way up to the mountains. Their home is no doubt, life-giving and full of life. A place for comfort and love, a simple kind of every day that we were able to capture. I was able to witness the magic and warmth between the three of them, it was so inspiring. 
“Home not is merely a dwelling. It’s not merely a state of existence. It’s a story, a narrative spun out day by day, a story moulded by the walls and hours and tasks and feasts with which we fill our time, reflecting the reality of the God whose love animates every aspect of our being.” -Sally Clarkson

Studio Space

I am working on fishing up my studio space and had to share its prettiness. This has been a long time coming for me, a space where I can think freely and creatively, a space dedicated just to my art. I can't wait to photograph the first newbie in this space tomorrow. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Comment below and let me know what you think!

Gorgeous flowers by the one and only, Bulls Eye Blooms.

New beginnings

So, I am sitting down with a glass of wine after my kiddos are finally to bed on this first day of the new year. Lets be honest here, I am no writer. I really don't pretend to be but heck, its a lot of fun to share some personal aspects of my life with all of my amazing followers. Thats a great place to start indeed. Thank you all for following my pages. I am forever grateful for you all. If it wasn't for word of mouth, my business would never be where it is today. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Every time you like, comment and share a picture or tell your friends about me, I do a little happy dance.

I should add, there will be some grammatical errors because I am a photographer, not a teacher. I am a perfectionist when it comes to photography, not writing :p 

But, with that being said, I wanted to share something very near and dear to my heart. My first ever photo shoot session. I began photographing newborns with my own daughter, Alice who will be 5 this year. Now, don't laugh because even though this is the silliest, epic fail picture ever, I never let myself stop trying. I honestly told my husband that I was going to buy a nice camera and I was going to take pictures and he said jokingly, "yeah, but not for money though, right?" It was funny. It was a total joke that I could ever take pictures for a living. I was a medical assistant at the time working horrible hours and leaving my little one to go to a job I didn't like taking care of sick people. It wasn't me. I had this amazing dream and this underlying sense of creativity that was just waiting to emerge if I would just let it. Now, I get to tease my husband about how wrong he was and of course he feels bad. Ha ( love you honey)!

I started out just photographing anyone that would get in front of my camera and boy was it bad. It took me years to fully understand my camera and I have since owned two others. I spent countless hours and days studying photography, composition, lighting, subjects, editing programs etc. I still am a research junkie and learn something new as often as I can. if I don't know who to do something, I ask, I look it up and I practice. I practice over and over until I feel like I have grasped the technique. I have photographed weddings, baptisms, families, children, maternity, newborns and so on. I am so happy to finally be at the place where I can say, maternity and newborns, thats my jam. Thats where I am supposed to be.

I don't think most people realize what goes into photographing newborns. They look so sweet and sleepy in photographs but what you don't see is dirty diapers, wet burp cloths, a paci near by, a room that is a million degrees, a mama who is likely having a let down every time baby cries. There is of course me, who probably has been pooped or peed on at least times during the two hour session and is shushing in babies ear and rocking to get little one sleepy. It takes patience, lots of patience and it takes a lot of passion. Passion for getting that beautiful baby in a pose they are comfortable in, shaping that crisp, clear image at the exact right time, that makes their parents cry. THAT. is. everything. I really think it has a lot to do with being a mother myself. Babies feel your energy ( granola enough for ya- HA!) but, its so true. If I am calm and relaxed with a patient mind, babies totally react to that. They are so smart and initiative! I am amazed at each and every one of my sessions because each baby is their own little miracle. I pinch my self everyday that I get to do this for a living. Its the greatest gift! Cheers to 2017! Its going to be an amazing year! My big one is starting Kindergarten but can we never mention that again because *tear*. I seriously can't handle it! Our little guy waylon will turn one in February, *gasp!*. Time really does go by so fast- take all the pictures! :)

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So much love guys,